Metallica will release "Through The Never" to IMAX theaters September 27th but KLAQ can get you in to see it before that. For FREE!

Listen tonight and tomorrow, (9/20-9/21) starting at 10pm, for Mucho Metallica! An hour of back to back Metallica. Some songs you know or hear often, some you haven't heard in a while! During "Mucho Metallica" we'll also have some really cool Metallica collectibles to give away and LOTS of chances to catch a special sneak preview of "Through The Never" the night before it opens nationally!


Following "Mucho Metallica" on The Q, we'll air an exclusive audio premiere of "Through The Never"!  Hear songs from the movie as well as behind the scenes stories from the members of Metallica and filmmaker Nimvrod Antal!!  (Antal also did PredatorsKontrol and Vacancy!)

Tonight (9/120) at 10pm, Johnnie Walker kicks off "Mucho Metallica and the winning begins!  At 11, we give you a taste of "Through The Never"  Then tomorrow night (9/21), starting at 10pm, we do it all over again!!

If you don't win passes to the special Q sneak preview, or you live outside the El Paso area, you can click here to order tickets for a regular screening in El Paso or elsewhere.