Did you ever upload a video onto "You Tube," that you thought was just the greatest video and just couldn't wait to see what other's would think? Then, one week later you have no more than ten hits and all are probably from you and your best friend.

I know that quite a few of you out there, still believe that your videos that flopped really deserve more recognition than what they received.

So I'm giving you guy's a chance to send your failed videos in to me at peter.carrillo@townsuaremedia.com, so that I can give you some constructive criticism on why your video just didn't hit.

Today' video comes from two cousins from the west side of town, who believe their basketball moves are just good enough to make Sports Center's top ten.

First thing you might notice is that these guys prefer a soccer ball for their trick shots. The first attempt is obviously a practice attempt to make sure they are both on the same page. Second attempt goes down flawless which build the confidence of the guy who led with an impressive assist to try to follow up with a dunk of his own. Unfortunately, he comes up just a little "short" of success. However that's not gonna spoil his celebration, the cameraman gets so overwhelmed with excitement he forgets to turn off the camera and appears to have an asthma attack.

Overall guys, all I can say is that dunk, might have been more impressive if the "hoop" wasn't 6 feet off the ground, maybe just a tad bit higher to add some difficulty. The name of the video also might want to be changed from "intense jamz" to "intense celebrations." So on the down side the video really isn't that great, however on the upside you have one more view added.