I so miss my grandson Hunter!

I was told awhile ago that people don't want to see my grandson on the Internet, that Scott Ronson was a mean old grumpy disc jockey and that we needed to keep that attitude but, I REALLY miss my lil monster and want to see him and hang with him sooooo bad!


He ever looks like Grandpa after a night of Jack Daniels and Rock and Roll!!


Hunter is going to be a brother and I am going to be a Grandpa for the second time !!!

Hunters new brother, His name is Mason, Will rock into this world on July 3rd!!!!!!!!!

2 Grandsons for Ronson, The world just got a lot more kick azz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So, Congratulations to my beautiful daughter Angela and her most handsome son Hunter and to our new edition arriving soon, Mason. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!