At least, to the cleaning crew.

I came in for my show tonight, and while talking to Scott, he told me a funny story that I have to share with you.  The characters will remain nameless, excepting Scott, so no one should get upset.

Our cleaning crew is a pretty quiet bunch, except for the older gentleman who usually talks to us about our weekend, whatever sport is going on, bummed about his Cowboys...he's a nice, talkative guy.  The rest of the crew is extremely quiet, mumbling hello if you speak to them.

When the older guy isn't there, exchanging the trash bags, some of the girls do it.  Today, Scott asked one of the guys why the girls never come to get his trash bag.  Apparently, they wait until Scott is out of the studio on one of his "nature walks" (smoking), and sneak in to take the trash.

The guy told him, "Because I told them to be afraid of you."

At this point, I'm already laughing, since I KNOW Scott immediately planned something.

He did.

A bit later, Scott was heading for the door for a nature walk, when he saw one of the girls duck into the KLAQ control room to get the trash.  He immediately ran back into the room,  closed the door, and just stared at her.  She began to laugh a little.  You know, that nervous I-hope-this-guy-isn't-a-serial-killer laugh?  She grabbed the trash as quickly as she could and ran out of the room, Scott staring at her the whole time!

We were on the floor by this point.