The scariest story of 2013 had to be about the NSA spying on ordinary Americans.

The NSA (National Security Agency) was in the news a lot in 2013 regarding their surveillance of American citizens.  Not just criminals, terrorists and other similar people and/or groups but, everyday folks to.

Maybe you!  Some tricks the N. S. A. uses include the ability to hack into your wi-fi from up to eight miles away!  (Good luck if they are trying to hack into mine.  I can't get it to do what it's supposed to while sitting inside the house, right next to it!  Freakin' Dish network ... )

They can also listen in/get into from any IOS device as well as any phone that works through GSM.  They have also gotten all kinds of stuff from companies like Microsoft, Cisco and Huawei as well as major cell phone carriers.  All the info they have about you!

Now, the NSA is intercepting lap tops and similar devices to load up with spyware before allowing them to continue on to the purchaser!  (Bugged before you even get your stuff, now that's low).

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Privacy, as we once knew it, is just about gone peeps.

If you want to save what's left of yours, stick to face to face conversations, watch what you email and buy your laptop at a store and carry it home yourself!  And stay on top of your representatives as well.

As we kick off 2014, this will get to be an even bigger deal.  Know who is working to limit these goons and make yourself aware of what is happening.

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