Everyone knows what the fox says now thanks to Ylvis but Saturday Night Live is asking "What Does My Girl Say?" About half of you guys can relate.

I stayed in Saturday night because I am lazy and was exhausted after running from zombies in Ascarate Park. Luckily, SNL managed to create at least one funny skit starring Jay Pharoh and host, Kerry Washington.

They came up with one of the funniest digital shorts I have seen in a long time, since Andy Samburg left to do some dumb show on Fox. I am guilty of being that nagging girlfriend since I am psycho but I usually have a reason. This parody is totally relatable to me and probably half of the five people that will read this post.

Find out what Jay's girlfriend says and what he is hiding from her. Let's just say he would love to check out Monster's Hiney of the Week!