A reporter from the San Francisco television station reunited rock guitarist Carlos Santana and  a band mate he hadn't seen in decades. The band mates name is Marcus and has been living on the streets of Oakland. The man responsible for this reunion is  Reporter Stanley Roberts, he ran into percussionist Marcus "The Magnificent" Malone while working on a story about illegal dumping.

When they reunited Santana credited Marcus with being an important influence on his Afro-Latin sound. Malone played the congas on Santana's first album, but left the band back in 1969 shortly before their performance at Woodstock when he was imprisoned for manslaughter. Santana and Malone told Roberts they had not seen each other since then. Santana also informed Roberts he plans on helping Malone get back on his feet. Check out this emotional rock reunion between Santana and Malone down below!