Santa's got a new Sled Captain!

We had a blast this morning at the KLAQ open house!  Hopefully, you got to stop by and many elfen thanks to those of you who did.  Thanks to you, we collected a bunch of toys for The Child Crisis Center!!  :)

This year, Santa - Super Mario - Claus had a new helper.  Biker Elf!

First, he needed a cut.  Fortunately, elves get lil helpers too ... hot ones!!

After a long night, voila!  Ready to rock!

Handsome devil isn't he??  Now, time to go meet The Prez ... errrr, Santa at The Q studios!

Before we tackle The Q morning show; a quick meeting to go over my Christmas list.  Let's see; I'd like a new Harley Night Train from Barnett Harley Davidson, some boots and a new pair of shades. Cool??

Santa and Biker Elf (I seriously need a new road name.....) ready for Buzz Adams and The KLAQ Morning Show!

While Santa does his thing, Biker Elf is diligently watching over things.  Like Elf hotties!  Work it bro :)

Here at The Q, there's usually only 1 name on the "nice" list. Congrats Teresa Provencio!  Again .......

Meanwhile ... always on the job ... we find that things are looking up for our hero!

Oh crap ... looks like Buzz just went from the "naughty" list to the "oh no he di-ent" list.

And that's a wrap!  Santa and Biker Elf (I soooo need a road name. Suggestions??  Write them in below or on The Q facebook page. And BE NICE!!  Biker Elf has a short fuse.)

The Bros go skipping happily (yeah skipping ... occupational hazard) off to the bar.  Ummm, I mean the North Pole to get the sled all shined up and ready to roll!

The biggest toy run ever is just a couple of nights away. See ya Monday!!

Maybe .......