95-5 KLAQ ... Motorcycle Monday, Presidents day edition!! Supercross makes it's way to San Diego this time around ... over 53,000 fans sitting through some rain to watch the mud bog begin!

 The track crew are gooood at what they do though, so the track really wasn't that bad. They kept it covered most of the day. Not as bad as it could have been anyway ... really slick though!

For the 250 west, this weeks podium shapes up like this ... Tomac, Rat-tray as I call him and Tickle. Hansen way back in 6th this week. C'mon Josh, get it together man!! I'm still pulling for him to take the championship this year .. I can feel it!! Points -wise, it's Hansen leading with 128 then Tickle at 125 and Tomac in third with 116.

 On to Supercross!

The rain starts to get a heavier and the track even slippery-er as the big dogs go to work in the main event. Stewart looking good in the heat races .. even taking one of the hole shots .. is making it look easy as usual; but the main events not his today.

 Reed takes the hole shot and all the riders are still hitting the big jumps, despite an absolute down pour!

Canard gets around Reed and Stewart is running third ... Villopoto wayyyy back in 20th after a fall in the third lap. The boys good though ... no win for him either, but he does ride hard and makes it all the way up to a 7th place finish!!

 The fight is between Reed and Stewart now after Canard oops-es and my man Dungey is chasing them in 3rd. Reed holds on to quite a lead .. about 7 seconds over Stewart.  As I've said I don't know how many times, Stewart is untouchable. Until fate forces his hand somehow.

 It's a stall this time that alllows Reed, Canard and Dungey to get around him and grab the top 3 spots. Very evenly matched and they all want it bad but it's Reeds day. He takes the main and the win! Which is awesome as it's HIS team and, as he put it after the race; 

"I have put so much work into this team to make it the best it can be. To win with your name on your chest (not a manufacturer, namebrand, sponsor, etc...) makes everything so much better".


Reed also gave props to Canard for "showing him the lines".

The points: Villopoto now at 146, Stewart in 2nd with 143 and Reed now in a 3rd place tie with Canard @ 130.

Back in El Chuco, The Chamucos charity event yesterday went well! Lots of love to everyone who showed up despite a little breeze to support a good cause!! Netx weekend, we're rolling again .. tune in Friday for the who, what, when, where stuff!!

Finally, since it's Presidents Day .... BIG props to Ernie, D and all the other MC Presidents today. Kinda cool that they gave you guys your own holiday! Go and get yourselves a mattress or a car or something. This seems to be the official day for sales on those things.

There it went. The fastest couple of minutes in radio. Motorcycle Monday on 95-5, KLAQ!!