We only dread when the holidays are coming up if we're single with no plus one. We're normally content with it, but family and friends lead us to feel otherwise.

I know first hand at what the single woman in the video feels like and maybe some of you do as well. I was dumped back in September and apparently my ever so loving family member tried matching me up. I right away denied the idea of getting set up with someone and hate sympathy. At times it nudges our heart a little to see couples in the holiday spirit being lovey dovey when it's just me, myself and I. The single woman in the video shows a little irritation when the love that is in the air is quite annoying. In the end, being single isn't that bad because only you can be in charge of hurting your own feelings.

Those of you who are worried about attending family gatherings and your single, represent it well and proudly this Christmas!