If you could have a coffin with speakers and a stereo system, What would be on your forever after play list?

A music & video equipment store owner, Hjelmquist designed a coffin with speakers that would provide solace for grieving friends & relatives by allowing them to create a playlist for the deceased & update it online. 'This is really rock 'n' roll, I think, but at the same time beautiful,' he said.

Don't let your friends or family make your play list, they will only screw it up and your stuck with crappy rock into the never world.

What would your top 10 songs be on your list?

Some video's (If not all) are NTSW. That's Not Safe For Work

Ronson's would be:

1) Free bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

2) Down with the sickness (Disturbed)

3) Can't you see (Marshall Tucker Band)

4) BYOB (System of a Down)

5) You never met a mother like me (Kid Rock)

6) Bound for the Floor (Local H)

7) Slo-Mo-Tion (Marilyn Manson)

8) Stigmata (Ministry)\

9) Boogie no more (Molly Hatchet)

10) Hair of the dog (Nazareth)

Assuming it only hold 10 tunes.

Rock you azz into the next world people's!!!!