Almost anyone from Alamogordo can tell you how great Rockin’ BZ Burgers is and soon, Las Crucens will be able to enjoy it, too. The award-winning burger joint is opening its first Las Cruces location very soon.

Boasting the official “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger in New Mexico,” Rockin’ BZ Burgers' Las Cruces location is set for 3961 E Lohman, in the old Lorenzo’s building near Roadrunner. Owners have not set an opening date yet.

Best Green Chile Cheeseburger in New Mexico

With Yelp reviews like,

Really delicious, custom built burgers!  As soon as I sank my teeth into my burger, I was a fan.  The ground beef in my burger patty was juicy, piping hot, and very very fresh.  All the toppings and bun were fresh; the service was friendly and fast, and I left feeling full and satisfied.  I loved the selection of ingredients to custom build my own burger, and the selection of fries and other sides was nice also.


The Champ burger came out on top in a state wide contest, and for good reason.  This is a perfectly cooked (which for this reviewer is medium rare, with pinkish interior) half-pound burger loaded with grilled onions and topped with green chili and cheese, and finished with lettuce and tomato.  The chili is more flavorful than hot.  The burger is moist but not greasy.  The overall impression is similar to a well executed mushroom swiss burger, but with the distinctive taste of New Mexico green hatch chili.


... it sounds worth getting excited over, right?