Van Halen just about ready to rock with Roth (again!), Double M has new rock as well and Pearl Jam revisit Temple Of The Dog!

Lots of cool stuff going on as we kick off September!!  First of all, that new Van Halen everyone keeps talking about is thaaaaaat much closer to done. According to the Van Halen news desk, it's in the final mix down stage now.  Could October bring new Halen??  Keep checking in here and listening to KLAQ for more info!  You can also read more here via!

Pearl Jam fans, welcome to the dog pound!  At a recent Pearl Jam show, a Temple Of The Dog reunion went down featuring .. of course .. Chris Cornell!  The band was a "one off" by friends of Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood. (A heroin overdose took him out around 1990)  Since then the cd has sold a bazillion copies, but the band hadn't ever performed.  Take that one off the bucket list!! :)  More info here from!

Look!!  Video to ... watch the guys do MLB's Stardog Champion below!!!!!!!

Speaking of concerts, Guns N Roses are looking at more road time!  Got a couple of shows coming to Florida and there may be more American dates coming!  Read more here from and check out G n R live below!!

On to "Double M"!  Marilyn Manson has been busy lately!  Making videos with Shia LaBeouf and doing his own thing; he's now finally ready to drop the new cd .. "Born Villain"!  Read more here from and follow this link to for a look at the video trailer he did!  WEIRD ALERT!! Not to mention it's kind of not "work friendly"  (I tried to post the video here for you, but it wouldn't let me.  Damn, uppity computer)

Green Days Billy Armstrong got hauled off a flight recently for not cooperating with flight attendents who wanted him to pull up his pants.  (Maybe the big grenade thing on his stage backdrop scared them...) He refused.  Read more here from

You go Billy ... THAT'S punk!!!!!!!

That ought to keep you busy for awhile!!  For more rock news, keep checking back here at and keep listening to 95.5 FM, KLAQ!  Enjoy!!!!!!!