Today, nationwide, Musician/film director Rob Zombie releases his new film "The Lords Of Salem." The 1 hour and 41 minute film, is rated-R, was written and directed by Zombie and stars his wife Sheri Moon Zombie.

I really don't know to much of what the film is about, except for that Sheri Moon's character(Heidi) plays a radio DJ who is contacted by someone or something and it leads to all hell breaking loose in modern-day Salem.

I can say that being in the studio late at night and seeing the preview, kind of did creep me out, just a little bit. The preview doesn't explain much but gives a "satanic" feel to the movie. Locally the film will be showing only at Cielo Vista Mall and Tinseltown with various times.

Here is one of the trailers to the film but I guess, the only way to really know whats going on, is to go out and see it.