He doesn't care much for drama or band member bickering; but he's cool with flying!! (His former bassist, Sean Yseult, seemed to get along ok with the Pantera boys though!  They even recorded!!)

Rob Zombie kind of turned away from music for a bit there and one of the rumors circulating about why, was that he's afraid to fly!  Not true.  He hasn't toured in quite awhile due to internal band crap more than anything else.  (One time .. at band crap ... sorry, I had to do that!)

Sure, film making can really eat up your play time but the "high school attitude" of his fellow players is what really made him say "f*** it, I'd rather do movies".  Read all about it at antimusic.com!

In a semi related note, former Zombie bassist Sean Yseult recently gave up a secret ... and a musical gem!!  A recording made by her and half of Pantera!

According to soundcloud.com; Dimebag Darrell, Sean Yseult and Philip Anselmo created this "absurdity" after a loooooong night of drinking while, Pantera and (then White) Zombie were on Tour. They used Dimebags' 4-Track and recorded it in his hotel room.  (Can you imagine the people in the room next door trying to sleep??)

I have it here for you!  Listen to it .. and read more about it .. here via soundcloud.com