Rob Zombie is getting behind the camera again and he needs your help!  Give him a hand and you could score cool movie stuff or even be IN the flick!Rob Zombie recently wrapped up his Venemous Rat Regeneration Vendor tour and, after releasing another cd, is planning a new movie .. "31"!!

To finance the film, Zombie set up a website where you can contribute towards the making of the movie.  What you get for your donation varies but, props are up for grabs from movies like The Devil's Rejects, The Lord's Of Salem and masks from both Halloween flicks.  Plus key rings and other swag along with a chance to play a part in "31"!

“People have come up to me over the years and asked, ‘How can I get these props?’ ‘How can I come to the set?’

"I’ve noticed with all the movies I’ve made, so many people get tattoos of the film. When you love something so much, you just want to be part of it – and now you can.”