In inner city 'hoods, there aren't many places to use off road toys so, you have to improvise! A group of dirt bike and ATV riders in Baltimore have started a tradition that is making them legends to some, an annoyance to others and criminals in the eyes of the law.

They call themselves the 12:00 Boys. They get together on Sundays and take to the streets, doing all kinds of stunts, tricks and dodging cops!  The locals show up as well, lining the streets with their cameras and cell phones to capture the action.  It's almost like going to church for some!  They've even made a movie about these guys!  Many feel they are doing the Baltimore youth a favor, giving them something better than drugs or crime to spend their time on.  Others just see a bunch of thugs.

Photo, Getty Images

Here in the El Paso area, we're kind of spoiled with tons of places to ride, shoot, 4 wheel, mountain bike or whatever. From The Wall in Santa Teresa, to The Gap in Northeast out to Red Sands on the east side, to ... well ... just about anywhere you look, we have space.  I have to hand it to these guys for not letting their lack of space stop their fun although, the danger must be acknowledged.  Some of the peeps driving down these streets don't know what's going on and are likely to hit someone.

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