Cowboys getting burned for burning a chick's butt! Jennelle Carillo of Texas is suing the Dallas Cowboys football team for injuries she allegedly sustained from sitting on a black marble bench outside of Cowboys Stadium a hot August day last year. The temperature that day reached over 100 degrees according to weather officials. The black marble bench was said to be in direct sunlight that day and Carillo didn't know how bad her injuries were until she later sought medical attention. She was hospitalized and allegedly received skin grafts on the booty for her injuries.

She is now suing the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones because she said there were no signs warning on the danger of sitting on the black stone benches in hot weather. Apparently, you need to put signs up so people can get common sense these days as well. I think when her butt started to burn, she would have thought maybe this means I should get up. Apparently not. Do you think the Cowboys should pay her for damages, or is she just stupid?