In a world where love should rule, times couldn't be more in need of the power ballad. Remember, when if you did your loved one wrong you could always send them a touching radio request to mend that broken heart? I used to get cassette tapes filled with the most popular love songs. Yes, I used to be a heartbreaker!

Growing up in the seventies and eighties when music was a lot more personal so were the artists. Now a days if you're in a band it seems the harder the better. Now I know the love ballads of yester year are still prevalent today just not in high demand. I wonder why?

It could be that with the way this world seems to be going down hill, so are the power ballads. Now, of course a good heavy hitter can calm any storm. With that being said it takes more guts to pour out your heart than to pour out negative energy! I only wish that certain someone would hear mine!