The best part about going to SXSW is all the different genres of music you can check out in the same area. One of my favorite types of music is the reggae rock fusion, like this band Iration. 


Iration began in sunny Santa Barbara, although all members of the band are from Hawaii. The guys went to UC Santa Barbara and began playing shows for the college kids in the area. Their live shows impressed people by their feel good songs and the way they were bale to keep the crowds attention, in the middle of rowdy parties. The band has released three albums and three EPs, and their new album "Automatic" is #5 on the Billboard Reggae chart as we speak! So my question to myself was, "Why the hell have I never heard of them?!"

When I saw bands that we could have come into the morning show, I started listening to different bands and tried to see what music spoke to me. When I heard Iration, it immediately took me back to my favorite memories of the beach, BBQs and those nights you'll always remember. I had already decided I wanted to bring them in when I talked to my sister about the different bands we had. When I mentioned Iration, she started gushing about how great they were. While I am the rock girl and people can ask me for random rock trivia and an opinion on a new band, my sister is the same way about reggae. If she was vouching for them saying it was worth it to go see them, I knew I had to.

Their performance was at midnight and it was well worth the exhaustion the next day on the show. The band  kept the audience's attention, except for the drunken couples who were so into the music they proceeded to make out while dancing to the music. The best part was when they would stop to clap at the end of a song. That my friends, is a talented band.

Check out the interview we did with Iration and their new album "Automatic" is on sale now. You can check out their Facebook, and their Twitter which the band is very active on. The band also gave an exclusive on their new tour and who their tour mates will be. I was excited, I am a huge fan of the other band too!