All over Facebook and Twitter people have been bringing up an article that says the areas surrounding Carlsbad should be evacuated soon. This includes both El Paso and Las Cruces. Should El Pasoans prepare for a city-wide evacuation?

The article people keep reposting on Facebook and Twitter is from a political website called, a website that seems to be a satire website. I couldn't decide if the website is serious or knowingly are putting our satirical articles, but then I saw their contact number.

After seeing this on their website, I decided that this must not be most reliable source for your breaking news. Also, since the story is national news, people are bringing up the fact that they have seen it on news outlets, including the Los Angeles Times and BBC America. 

Just because you see a news story on television then see articles popping up all over the internet, it doesn't mean that the story is true. The actual stories being shown on the news are simply reporting the fact that there was a radiation leak, not that there is an evacuation zone. Officials at the site have even said that no radiation has leaked to the surface. The Department of Energy has also come forward to say that there is no threat to people or the environment because the levels of contamination are so low. Workers will also be able to go into the plant to figure out what went wrong, some saying as soon as this week.

But in case you still have your worries about this and want to know what you should be afraid of, I found some other serious danger zones to watch out for. Some of these, I'm not even sure if you would survive.

Chris Brown's fists of fury

I wouldn't want to be within ten feet of this guy when he gets mad. RiRi was able to have her face bounce back but I don't think I would have such luck.

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Tommy Lee's Danger Zone

Pamela Anderson has been vocal about how she got Hepatitis C from her ex hubby. I would put that in the jaded ex category. But then again, I think anyone would be pissed off if that happened to them. Understandable Pammy.

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Miley Cyrus's Tongue

Katy Perry got this one right. We really don't have any idea where that has been.

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Your stomach after eating Chico's Tacos

Nothing screams explosive diarrhea like a double order of tacos from here. But there is nothing I crave more in life than these bad boys at the same time. I will take the necessary evil to enjoy these all the time, but it's an "evacuation" like no other.


Attempting to take food from Duke

There is no danger zone more treacherous than trying to have a bite of something Duke is about to eat. Whether it be donuts, ramen noodles, Blake's Lotaburger or in this case a simple honeybun, food around Duke is his. And always will be his.