Last nights game Chivas vs Cruzeiro at the Sun Bowl. Rocked. I had a blast and found out something cool about soccer plus there was some celebrity sightings. I think this might be the coolest thing people do at major league games. Check out the video!

I arrived at the stadium and found my seats in the boring section so I decide to move where all the fun is. I was afraid of the ran as I was using a trash bag to shield me but a little rain didn't bother the guys that kept cheering on Chivas throughout the game.

As I was sitting in the boring section something awesome occured. The crowd chanted one of my favorite Mexican bad words. PUTO.

I didn't know at the time but there was even celebrities in attendance. Morning show fans quickly began tweeting photo evidence of one of the big celebrities at the game.


Chivas lost to Cruzeiro, 2-0 at the Sun Bowl. Official Attendance for the match: 15,171. Overall it was a good time. The crowd rocked out and the rain didn't stop anyone.