After watching the Bachelor last night, it dawned on me why I would go on a show like that.  Costa Rica!  It might just be worth all the b.s. to take a trip like that, if I lasted that long!  Next week they head to Anguilla, another slice of heaven on earth!

I can't believe crazy ass Mememichelle is still around.  I am now convinced that the producers are keeping her around for the drama.  I really thought Brad was going to dump her ass when it came down to her and Jackie.  I liked Jackie, she got one of the best one on one dates.  It was Pretty Woman all the way topped off with the private Train concert.  On the limo ride out, I was disappointed in the way she said there must be something wrong with her.

I thought she was more secure than that.  As for Allie leaving, that was no big surprise when she berated herself.  I realize there must be something a little off with women who go on a show like this to begin with, (unless it's for the travel!) but to all leave and blame themselves is horrible.  I wonder how long it takes these women to get their self esteem back after the show. 

I am now really torn between Emily and Chantal.  They are both really cool chicks, and Brad seems to be falling for them both.  I just don't get why Mememichelle is still there.  I think people would still be watching if she got the boot.  On the group date, they went rapelling off a waterfall, and once again I was hoping her rope would break.  She's just plain nuts.

The reunion show for the Beverly Hills Housewives was great.  I just love Lisa!  I felt bad for her after Cedric's true colors came out, but she handled it all with grace.  As for Camille, she just had to blame ALL her bad behavior on her divorce.  Good thing I'm smarter than to believe that crock!  Kyle and Kim have made up since that limo fight, and I'm glad.  Sisters shouldn't fight like that.  I can't wait for the Atlanta ladies (and I use that term loosely!) to get together.  I'm sure Nene and Kim will go at it, and I am curious about Sheree's "acting" career!

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