First off, why are we always blaming the black man in a white car?

Why is all the crazy stories I read not only come out of New Mexico but it's usually Las Cruces?

Well, here's a hum-dinger of a story!

Angel Ray Figueroa, 24, of said City of Crosses decided instead of going home after work he would go out bar hopping with some female co-workers.

Once he started thinking kinda straight, He decide to called his girlfriend from a local store stating that he "had been kidnapped at knife point by three black men in a white car".

Then to add fuel to his lies, he said the kidnappers drove him around in the back of the white car for hours and wanted his wallet and cell phone.

But wait, there's more, he allegedly cut himself on his arms and torso, stating that the black men cut him.

The investigators believe this outstanding citizen whom he stated was cut up by black men, was really his own brilliant thinking

The female co-workers said that Figueroa told them he was going to a local store to use the phone, but he never showed back up at the bar.

Figueroa was arrested Tuesday for filing a false police report and booked at the Doña Ana County Detention Center..

He posted a $2,500 bond two hours later.

And that Ladies and Gentlemen ends another chapter of What the hell is going on in the City of Crosses!