As Superbowl XLVI approaches. You know you've done it or your other Half  has done it .

Ever wonder how to keep track of all the Office pools that  you paid $50 for .

Well.. YUP there's an APP for that.

Android users search for "Super Bowl Squares Game" (or click on the picture )

IPhone users  search for "Superbowl Squares"

As per Android Market : This game is specifically for Super Bowl XLVI - Patriots vs. Giants!  It allows you to manage multiple squares games from your Android phone.  It allows you to create multiple games and players, customize the price per square or quarter distribution, and even keeps track of money for you!  Organize Super Bowl Squares games without pulling your hair out.


I'm not responsible if you can't set it up to your liking ,I'm just saying . There's and APP for that .Enjoy  and  Go Giants !!


PLEASE NOTE:.. Update may NOT be ready and may still have old INFO !!See my Last sentence above !

I perfer the piece of paper that confuses me every year !