The KLAQ River Raft Race is this Saturday. It's not too late to get a crew together and enter your vessel, be it store-bought or home-made, in the race to win cash and prizes.  Go here to find all the registration, prize and after-party information.

I went down to the Vinton Bridge where the race will launch from to check the river conditions.  I'm completely serious when I tell you that you should bring a life vest if you plan on getting into the Rio Grande.  It is deep, it is fast and it is muddy.

Testing the waters. As you can see, I'm only a few feet from the bank and already the water is at waist level.  Two more steps and...

...Up to my pits in pure, clear Rio agua.

I didn't venture out to the middle because I had a feeling it would be over my head. I didn't  want to be in that deep because the current was so fast I could not, even with great effort stand in one place.

Let's zoom in just a little.

I think this is my "I wish I'd worn shoes and I hope to God that's only mud I'm feeling" face.