I'm calling BS on this one!

In football, you get a certain number of challenges to rulings.  I want one for this poll!!

According to MSN.com, you'll find the best tacos in the country in places like Boston, Chicago and New York??  Whaaaaa??  Sure, there are places to get good tacos elsewhere, but come on!!


New Mexico only made the list once (Mary & Titos in Albuquerque) and Texas only shows up twice!?  (Taco Taco Cafe in San Antonio and La Condessa in Austin.)

No El Paso at all. AT ALL!!  (Dubba G throws challenge flag here..)

What about Carnitas Queretaro?  The Red Rooster in Anthony?  That truck that's always parked by McCoys in the northeast?

:(  Some moron editor who wouldn't know a good taco from a Big Mac must have been in charge of this.  Half ... make that MOST of ... the spots on this list should have been from here in the Borderland!  Right??

El Paso, Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Mesilla, Hatch,  .... where are the best tacos really found?  Let me know what you think below or on The Q facebook page!