There are soooo many cool things about Easter.  Spring is coming, the religious aspects, having friends and family around for the day!  Here are a couple of things NOT to bring over Sunday though.......

If you're buying Easter gifts for anyone; think the gift through!!  I was in a Family Dollar store the other day in the northeast and, among all the peeps and stuffed bunnies, I saw a chocolate crucifix.  Way to keep religion in the mix!  The most intense moment in Christianity; now a delicious treat!

(Behave kids and, after dinner, you'll each get a crown of peeps!) 

Yeeesh ... Ya gotta love the commercialization of holidays.  Whether things like that offend your religious views or not; there are plenty of other awful Easter gifts out there!

Real bunnies. They're cute and cuddly and just the most awesomest thing ever to kids (and girlfriends!) for Easter.  The day of.  Maybe a week or so after.  Then; it's off to the animal shelter for most of them.  Don't take this route unless you live on a farm and really have the means to keep and care for the little guys the rest of their lives.  (PS .. they can live a looooong time and they aren't neccesarily ALL friendly!)

Real chicks.  (Here's where I upset someone.) Unless you also have snakes; see above.

Fancy ass, artsy - fartsy Easter Egg painting "kits". Some dye, some vinegar and some water; That's ALL you need.  (1) By the time you give the gift, the eggs will probably already be painted. (2) By the time next year rolls around, the person you gave it to will have NO idea what they did with it.

Shirts, sweaters, pants, socks; ... pretty much ANY freakin' item of clothing ... done in pastel colors (esp pink) with rabbits, chicks (baby chickens .. not girls) eggs, carrots, etc; sewn, ironed, drawn or otherwise put on them.   (Holiday themed clothing in general isn't a good idea.)  The recepient will thank you profusely, but then never wear it.  Plus, YOU will wind up getting a fruitcake (likely filled with exlax)  from that same person for Christmas.

I saw Zombie Rabbits on a list of bad gifts.  Most, normal folks would probably agree with this one.  I however, LOVE IT!!!!!!!    (Not sure what he's doing to that other rabbit; but it does not appear that he' seating it.)  I can already see the TV show spinoff ... "Hopping Dead"!  My daughters, my girl, and my Bro Nick can pretty much count on finding some of these under the Easter Tree this year!

Lastly, can we STOP with the egg shells full of confetti??  This isn't necessarily a gift I guess; but it IS a messy, potential health hazard that's just plain weird.  (Not to mention dangerous ... my Pops damn near gave me a concussion with one of those things once.)

Fill up a glass with Coors Light and give that to me instead!   (GIVE! Do not hit or throw.)

What else makes for a lousy Easter gift??  Peep filled tamales?  The crappy weather Mother Nature usually gives the El Paso area on Easter Sunday??

Let me know what you come up with and have a Happy Easter!!  :)