There are many wonderful children's books out there our parents read to us, but none like this one!

As you look through your childhood books and read them to your little ones, you wonder when will a new 'different' children's book will come out. Well, wonder no more, because the date is set for March 1st!

Josh Cooley has been a storyboard artist at Pixar for over a decade. Apart from being involved in all those wonderful movies, in his free time Cooley uses his talent to draw amazing cartoons of famous (rated R) movie scenes. We're talking about, 'Pulp Fiction', 'Jaws', 'Die Hard' and 'Psycho' to name a few.

Cooley has put all his drawings together and turned them into a real children's book. "Movies R Fun"!

This Saturday, February 22nd, he will be having a gallery show/book launch event at the Gallery 1988, West in Los Angeles. This will be the only time you can get the book before its release date on the 1st of March.

Check out the trailer:



As the movie fanatic that I am, I will definitely be putting this on my shopping list!!