One of my all time favorite songs ... album ... band!

Pink Floyd's album 'Dark Side of the Moon' is turning 40 years this month. (Goodness, how time passes ... I just wrote a blog about the movie Dazed and Confused turning 20, which they refer to one of the characters as Pink.)

So here are a few little details about the very-loved (especially by me) album 'Dark Side of the Moon'.

Let's start with the title of the album. Originally it was going to be named Eclipse (A Piece of Assorted Lunatics). Why? At the time the group Medicine Head had beat them to the punch and released an album with the same title Dark Side of the Moon, when the album flopped; it was a go ... again!

One of the songs, 'On The Run' to be specific is often used by the Chicago Bulls as background music when the opposing teams are being introduced. (Had to mention that since the boss loves the Bulls. :) ) Wanna know more awesome facts about the album, check it out here.

Here is one of my favorite songs: Time ... and speaking of, don't forget to Spring Forward!! :)


Also, just a little info on the whole "Wizard of Oz" deal ... whether they did or didn't go along with the movie, it still looks pretty cool and I can't wait to try it ... so, check it out!!

One last thing regarding the cover. Designer, Storm Thorgerson went into the studio with seven design suggestions, they each looked, nodded and said, "That's it, we've got to get back to real work." One of the seven options was comic book superhero The Silver Surfer, how do you think that would have gone?

The prism design was inspired by Floyd's extravagant live light shows. Thorgerson said:

“The refracting glass prism referred to Floyd light shows–consummate use of light in the concert setting. Its outline is triangular and triangles are symbols of ambition, and are redolent of pyramids, both cosmic and mad in equal measure, all these ideas touching on themes in the lyrics. The joining of the spectrum extending round the back cover and across the gatefold inside was seamless like the segueing tracks on the album, whilst the opening heartbeat was represented by a repeating blip in one of the colors.”

Did ya' know that it only took them 3 minutes to decide on it? 3 minutes! What do you do in 3 minutes? Hold your breath? Run a mile? Make an egg? Guys, disappoint your girl? Read this blog? C'mon, reach higher!!