Cash in that 401k and smash open your piggy banks, we're probably talking six figures here. 

The recording console from legendary Abbey Road studios, "studio 2", is going up for auction.

It was used by some of the biggest names in rock but, it was really put to the test when Pink Floyd went to work on it, creating their masterpiece, "Dark Side Of The Moon". A record cited by almost every critic in the world as one of ... if not THE ... greatest rock records ever made.

According to

One of only two custom made by EMI engineers, it was commissioned as an update for the MK II model. Considered as ‘the greatest console ever constructed,’ by Brian Gibson, the world authority on TG consoles and an ex-engineer from Abbey Road, Pink Floyd utilized this desk with producer Alan Parsons to create a timeless ten track album full of atmospheric soundscapes that explored the evolution of neo-psychedelic art rock and jazz and blues-rock, and was testament to superior engineering of this equipment.

Maybe a few of us can go in on this together?  (Check out pics here.)