There's never any good reason to drink and drive.  There are millions of reasons not to. Today, though, let's focus on 6 specific reasons not to drink and drive on this night, All Hallow's Eve.

We begin with this delightful chap on the left...


Aged 32, arrested in Michigan. I can tell that the "scars" and eye-liner were drawn on. I'm not so sure about the neck tattoos. You might be missing the point of Halloween if your Halloween body art isn't as frightening as your other-364-days-of-the-year body art.


I'm just throwing out some guesses here. Raccoon? Insane Clown Posse Juggalo? Typical Raiders fan?


Police might have been confused over this DUI's actual gender. On the one hand, I have seen women in El Paso with that much facial hair. On the other hand, I've never seen one with such tasteful eye-shadow.


      "Have we been drinking tonight, sir?"

"Only the blood of the innocent, Officer."


      "We expected so much better from you, goateed-Ryan Reynolds. Awww...look at those eyes. I can't stay mad at you, goateed-Ryan Reynolds. Drive safe now, you scamp!"



Ignore the profile shot and look at only the photo on the left. Doesn't that remind you of school picture day for the 230 pound retarded kid in 8th grade?