I missed work on Thursday.  I usually take a sick day about once every six months so it's not like anyone should have reason to doubt me.

But doubt me, my co-workers did.  I want to clear up that I wasn't hungover or suffering from the brown-bottle flu as has been suggested by the 3 Judases I work with.

And...I have photographic evidence that will exonerate me fully and hopefully put an end to the snide comments I have been receiving from colleagues and listeners alike.

I was out Wednesday introducing the music at the State Line. The band went on at 8 pm.  I was home by 8:45 and asleep by 9.   Many people saw me there and can confirm that I was neither drunk nor disorderly.

This probably won't be good enough for Mando, so I have included a photo taken of me.

Clearly, all I was drinking was Pepsi, the Choice of a New Generation.

But what would Mando know about it, anyway? He wasn't even there!! Everybody knows where he is on Wednesday evenings....