Perry Farrell is bringing his famous Lollapalooza festival to Brazil this year, but it looks like he may have some trouble winning over new fans.  According to "Rolling Stone," the Jane's Addiction frontman reportedly told the South American country's biggest newspaper, "Folha de S. Paulo," that Brazilian music fans are "uneducated about music" following a ticketing debacle for the upcoming Lollapalooza Brazil.  The event's website crashed within minutes and hackers then published buyers' personal information online.  According to the article, Farrell blamed the problem on Brazil's lack of tradition with large-scale music festivals, which led many Brazilians to send angry tweets to Farrell.

Now, Perry is responding with his own tweets explaining that the reporter misquoted him and that he loves and respects Brazil and its culture.  He adds that the trip was otherwise amazing, but says he feels like he "lost a few years" of his life.