Almost every year we do a prank for April Fool's. From the "Mexican Cruise" we once gave away that was actually a ride down Mesa Street in a tricked out low-rider to the time we told people the police would break their cell-phones on the pavement if you got caught talking on them while driving, our pranks seem to have something in common. 1.) Only about 1 out of 20 people actually fall for them and 2.) the other 19 people seem to find it to be of life-or-death importance that they let everyone know that they didn't fall for it.

I'm going to examine some the different personalities and the reactions they have to our April Fool's pranks. I am also going to rank them based on how annoying I find them. I will use the ranking system of "Kevin Ware Broken Legs" to signify how annoying they actually are.

0 Kevin Ware Broken Legs= not annoying at all. 5 KWBL's = Waaaay annoying.

1.) The Fools

     These are the people who believe the false premise, even if for just a few minutes before realizing what day it is. Hopefully, they rant to their friends or send us hastily composed e-mails before realizing their error.


No Kevin Ware Broken Legs!!

There's nothing annoying about someone who takes the bait on an April Fool's prank. There's a lot of shame in it (for you) but it's not annoying to me. You're off scott free!

 2.) People Who Feel the Need to Let Me Know They Aren't Fooled

ME: (giving slow, sarcastic applause) "Well done, Sherlock. It seems you have seen through my intricate ruse that took me 30 seconds to come up with. Truly, your intellect is dizzying. Thank you for writing to let me know never to match wits with a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!"


3 Kevin Ware Broken Legs!

As I mentioned earlier, my best estimate tells me that only about 1 out of 20 people fall for any given prank. For some people, not being the one guy who fell for it is a source of major pride. As far as the people who feel the need to tell me how stupid or unbelievable the prank is...of course it's stupid and unbelievable!! That's the whole point of an April Fool's prank! Not to come up with something every single person will fall for. If I wanted to do that I could say that I had toast for breakfast when I actually had cereal. I would have fooled 100% of the people, but who gives a shit?!? The entire point is to do something so outlandish and ridiculous to see if anybody falls for it.

Someone always does. But you shouldn't feel like a genius just because you didn't.


3.) People Who Have to Let EVERYONE Know they Weren't Fooled.

This is from my Facebook page. This is the type of person who not only feels the need to let me know what a superior intellect they are. They also have to get the word out to as many other people as they can. In the early days of my Pranking career, Personality Type 3 would let all of his co-workers know that he didn't fall for Buzz's weak, pathetic attempt at a prank. Now, Type 3 just goes to my Facebook page and crows like an F student who finally got his first D minus. Good for you, bro, but it's not really that big of an achievement that you have to tell everyone.


5 Kevin Ware Broken Legs!!!

      Holy crap! I would actually be less annoyed by having 4 simultaneous compound fractures than I am by Personality Type 3. This is the type of person who spoils movies on the same day they open. The type of person that tells you the day before about your surprise birthday party. This is an April Fool's Grinch.