According to a Glamour Magazine poll, 68 percent of men would prefer to be 5'2" tall with a 7-inch penis and only 32 percent would prefer to be 6'2" tall with a 3-inch penis. Well, it is slightly bigger than a cocktail frank. What do you think? Fellas? Ladies?

So, most men would take a Napoleon complex just to have some extra confidence while standing around with the bros in the locker room. (As a girl, I envision lots of sword fighting and penis-comparing in there, you can't convince me of otherwise.)

While Teresa shied away from giving her opinion, I'll give you mine: I don't really care about size. I don't need to subject myself to lockjaw for a dude short enough to buy his clothes at Build-A-Bear Workshop. That said, I don't really care about height either. If a dude can make me laugh AND make my toes curl, I don't care if he's a midget. Just think: Those adorable little hands would make for great fisting!

But what do you think? Ladies? Fellas? Vote in our polls below: