This show how truly kick ass this band really is! From their Vitalogy non profit organization, charity concerts, and constant fighting with Ticketmaster over their fees, Pearl Jam continues to show that they are a band with hearts of gold. Not to mention they still kick ass after all these years. And now they are revisiting a good deed they did almost 2 decades ago.

The story goes like this, back in 1992 a boy named Josh Hardy took a Make A Wish trip up to Seattle to meet the band and received an autographed guitar from the band. When Hardy sadly passed away, the guitar was given to his younger brother, Ben Hardy. Now Ben is 34 and the guitar was stolen from his house in a burglary. The burglars got away with amps, a sound system, power tools, and more but to Ben, all he really wanted back was the guitar.
The police eventually caught the robbers and recovered the guitar, but the autographs had been washed off the guitar so that they could resell the item. Then came the secret santas known as Pearl Jam. Just before Christmas, the band FexEx'd Hardy a brand new guitar, complete with all the band member's signatures. Said Hardy:

“In a note Pearl Jam said they’ve been following the story and this is what they decided to do. It’s an amazing gesture of goodwill. It exceeds expectations … They went above and beyond.”

His mother Donna Hardy was also touched by the band's compassion and their memory:

“It’s a blessing for our family to have all this happen. This is our Christmas story. Pearl Jam is amazing and to think that they remembered Josh after all these years is incredible.” We applaud Pearl Jam for their continued display of compassion and charity!"

Way to go Pearl Jam. You've made me a life long fan from that.