What do Dexter, SOA, TrueBlood, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story have in common ...? They all have that one hot babe we all love!!

Its that time of the year, when most of our favorite shows come back to suck us into the television for yet another great season. And what better way to welcome them, than by appreciating the beauties in them!!

So here they are ...


1. DEXTER: First off, we have Jennifer Carpenter. We know her as Dexter's foul-mouth sister Deborah "Deb" Morgan who can't go without saying a sentence and not add a few curse words in between (which I just idolize because I talk just as bad as she does).


2. SONS OF ANARCHY (SOA): Next we have Maggie Siff better known as Dr. Tara Knowles; which time and time again has proven to us that she is one tough mama. Even Gemma wouldn't mess with her!


3. TRUEBLOOD: Here we have good-girl turned bad Deborah Ann Woll better known as Jessica Hamby. (One of the hottest redheads around if you ask me!)


4. THE WALKING DEAD: Following is Lauren Cohan. The zombie killing hot chick Maggie Greene that just gets tougher by the minute.


5. AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Last, but definitely not least we have Chloë Sevigny, who plays 'Shelly the Nymphomaniac' on American Horror Story: Season 2. So much can be said about this hottie but that's another blog, so for now let's just leave it to our imagination!!


*In addition, I know the series has actually ended BUT I just had to!! Mary Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, that hot housewife turned dealer (good to know someone else that not everything goes to plan ... ever!)


So there you have it! My favorite babes from my favorite shows (can you imagine our local hotties playing the part of any of these lovelies? Maybe even make their own roles).

Not to kiss butt, but 2 and 5 are for Dubba G and the Big K ... (their favorite shows) hey, gotta keep the bosses happy! ;)

Any other shows you want to share your favorite babes from ...?