From one concert loving person to another, I have a question for you. What's better than being front row at a concert?

Being on the freakin' stage, man!

Seriously, you can do this at the Carnival of Madness show!

You'll sit on the side of the stage with your own set of headphones, listening to the same great mix that Chevelle listens to while they play at the Carnival of Madness show on August 18th! I totally wanted to do this, but the bosses said we have to give it away. I wanted to give it to you, but then Buzz threw his not inconsiderable weight around and took it for himself! Bastidge.

The rest of this week, wait for Buzz to play Chevelle's "Hats Off To The Bull". When you hear it, be caller 13 on the Q Rockline and you'll win tickets to the show and the new Chevelle CD.


He's THEN going to draw a grand prize winner from those names for someone to ride shotgun with Chevelle in a 1969 Chevelle Big Block Auto-Cross race car with 700 horses under the hood and JVC audio inside! This thing's stoopid fast and you'll get to ride in it! PLUS, you'll get your own JVC in-dash CD receiver for your car, tickets to the Chevelle show AND your very own seat on the side of the stage to watch the show, listening on your own pair of Beacon Audio Headphones!

Bring an extra pair of underwear, I think you'll need them after this day of awesomeness is over.

And if you can't make it to the show, I'll gladly take your place! Call me.