When I was arrested back in 2011 I knew I was going to the El Paso County Jail but at no point of me being arrested did I tell the arresting officer, "I'll suck you off if you let me go."

Palm Springs County Sheriff Office

Mary Maloney, a middle school teacher from my favorite state Florida said just that. Mary was arrested for a hit and run, dui, and of course bribery of a public servant. On her way to jail she began to yell at officers and make vulgar statements to officers.

The arrest report states that Mary Maloney said,""How much do I need to pay you to just let me go? Don't you understand I am a school teacher?"  Allegedly she then offered to perform oral sex on the officer and let him feel on her breast. How embarrassing is it going to be to address charges that you offered to give an officer a bj and you were rejected?