Another week, another batch of kick-ass posts on to get paid to read. (Hate away) It was a busy week at work -- with all the groundhog jokes to make, Boobs of the Day to ogle and Super Bowl smack to talk. If you missed these posts, geez, you really need to be checking more often, bro.

Wait. Did I just agree to wear a bikini in exchange for Facebook fans? Listen to me chatting with the KLAQ morning crew this morning:

  • This Week in Gluttony: Stadium Food - The Top 5 Stadiums Made out of Food

    Duke Keith

    The Super Bowl may have come and gone, but it hadn't when this collection of awesomeness hit this past week. Duke searched the Internet high and low to find the best of the best when it comes to stadiums made out of food. Considering I'm too lazy to toast my Pop-Tarts before eating them, I'm impressed. And hungry.
  • Corina Gonzalez - Monster Local Hottie of the Day [PICTURES]


    God bless you, Monster, and God bless you, Corina. Between this local hottie and the ones I saw during my last visit, El Paso may make me question my straightness. If you missed this one, fellas, I suggest clicking that link above. Did I mention there's SEVEN photos of Corina? If that's not enough to leave you satisfied, you can peruse ALL of the Monster Hotties of the Day HERE.
  • What Women Were REALLY Doing While Men Were Watching the 2012 Super Bowl


    If you think I'm above shameless self-promotion, then you probably don't know I stole the microphone at my sister's wedding reception to recommend all the guests follow me on Twitter.

    I had fun spilling all of girlkind's secrets this week in a post about what women were REALLY doing while men were preoccupied with the Super Bowl. Don't try to dispute this as being anything but factual, ladies. You know you're still pulling feathers from your hair.
  • Honey Badger vs Punxsutawney Phil [AUDIO]


    Ever wonder what happens when Honey Badger takes on Punxsutawney Phil in a battle? You don't have to wonder anymore. Buzz narrates the battle-turned-porn between the two small mammals. I laughed so hard I snorted (during a conference call -- oops!) while listening to this one.
  • 10 New Places to Have Sex


    Forget the roses and the candy, Lisa has some better ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with her post listing 10 new places to have sex. While I'm not entirely sure these are all legal, they do sound like fun. I'm sure you guys can think of some even stranger places and I'd love to hear them. Leave your wacky suggestions in the comment box below.
  • This Week in Weird Stuff People Do With Cats ...

    Lion-King-ing Is The Hot New Internet Craze [VIDEO]

    From the

    Last week, I chatted with the KLAQ Morning Crew about the weird Internet trend I discovered on called 'Cat Breading.' While the beauty of photos of cats with their heads in bread is hard to compete with, the latest cat-related Internet craze, Lion-King-ing comes close.
  • I Heart RadioPup, So Will You!

    Free app in iTunes Store and Android Market

    Do I let the fact that I'm not actually in El Paso right now, but in a New Jersey hotel room keep me from listening to KLAQ? Not with RadioPup, our free app that lets you listen to KLAQ wherever you go! No more being late for work because you were sitting in your car listening to the end of that song you can't get enough of. You can read all the great stuff happening on on RadioPup as well.