Ever seen all the weird little hand gestures baseball players use to signal each other?  Olympic volleyball players use them to ... and they're wayyyyy more fun to look at!

Interesting and itellectually stimulating olympic insight? Or sneaky attempt to steal some of Monsters hiney of the week audience?  You be the judge!

The signals are real and (some of) the real explanations are included below the gallery. See if you can figure out which signal goes with which pic!



Here’s what I think they’re saying, now you match up the most appropriate photo:

We Won, We Won!

Cross court block, right side!

I like you, let's go make out!

Cross court block

I go to 11

Cross court block, both players

Waiter!  Can we get a couple of Coronas over here?

I think I just broke something ... no wait, everything

Line block