In case you didn't know, the Olsen twins quit acting to become fashion designers, but they did a little copying.

The Olsen twins (which they don't like being referred to as) are now all grown up and focusing on their fashion lines. Back in the day, they had 'Mary-Kate and Ashley' brand clothing, perfumes, toys and beauty products all over. Most recently, they released fashion lines The Row, Elizabeth & James (a contemporary collection), Olsenboye and a t-shirt line Stylemint.

Apparently, celebrity stylist Lysa Cooper had a lot to say in an interview with Vogue Italia saying that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ripped off other designers for their line The Row, which has been widely more successful than most celebrity fashion lines.

Cooper also said:

"The only celebrity line that's any good, and I hate to say it, are our girls, the twins. The Row. But the reason that works is because they hired designers. They 'yay' or 'nay' the designs. And they are the best line at ripping off other lines that I've ever seen. I mean, they've taken Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester. But it's good. You know, they're good at it. I don't buy it, but they're good at it."

When speaking of other celebrity fashion lines, she said that in order to warrant respect, they ought to "go to school." Of course, it took time for them to be taken seriously, but eventually they made their way and their clothing is now being worn by 'red carpet elite'.

In my opinion, now a days most of the clothing out there looks the same, pretty much the only difference is the tag.