Over the past year or so, talk about this band called Ghost has been surfacing in interviews with various heavy bands around the world. You'll see band members from Metallica to Slipknot wearing Ghost T-shirts during interviews or even on stage.

Who is this band?

That's the thing about Ghost. You're not supposed to know who they are. They're known only as Papa Emeritus, the singer and a bunch of Nameless Ghouls who play the instruments. They released their first full-length CD last year called Opus Eponymous (released this last January here in the US), and it's been getting rave reviews from magazines and bands all over the world.

Here's a bit of description from their official Facebook page:

We have no names.
We are your worst f***ing nightmare....

Their sound is very 70's style heavy rock, with the whole mysterious "unknown band member" thing going on.

I guess that saves them the misery of people getting upset if they have to fire someone, or a guy quits. They just put another guy in the Ghoul robes and keep going as if nothing happened. "Hey Ghoul number 3 was my favorite guitar player! Not the current Ghoul 3, the one before him! I think."

Actually seems like a pretty good idea, as long as the whole secret identity thing stays in place. (Lordi actually had to fire their drummer because he let people see his "human" face in another band.)

I guess the tell-all book from all the downtrodden Ghouls will come out in about 10 years.

Anyway, enjoy this live performance from Ghost, it's their entire set from Tilburg, and check out the CD if you're in to that sound.

Part 1

Part 2