Marching bands these days are just getting insane!!

College marching bands, and even some high school marching bands, are known for putting together some killer half time performances.  It's hard enough to master a good routine when you're aware of every little detail, but pulling off something like this when you're pretty much the only person who CAN'T see what is happening is incredible!

Ohio State University however seems to want to corner the market on intense halftime shows.  Their recent tributes to Michael Jackson and to Disney were way over the top. Now, they have managed to go even those one better with this routine done in honor of the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg and President Lincolns historic Gettysburg Address.

Watching this awesome routine gives me a sense how the people who actually heard President Lincoln give The Gettysburg Address that day must have felt.  Amazed!!

The Ohio State Marching Band's Epic Halftime Performance | THE Q ROCKS