I remember seeing her in the remake of "The Parent Trap". So cute and innocent.

A couple more Disney movies and then I guess you can say she "grew up". Did a few albums where I like one song; "First" made for the Herbie, Fully Loaded film (first ...? fully loaded ...? oh you''ll love the lyrics and no its not a porn).

Here is the song along with some scenes from the movie. (Hey, I like it!)

After that, a few more movies (non-Disney), DUIs, Rehab Facilities ...and those were some of her most popular events after (and during). Remember this ...? And this is one of like 4.

Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via Getty Images

In 2010, she appeared in the movie, "Machete" where she appears nude. Which sorry guys, I still say that was a stunt double, because I have the Playboy Issue she came out in back in January/February 2012 (which I went through the biggest mission trying to find ... luckily there was a store way on the East side of town that still had one left!) and her boobs are different! That is my opinion...but I could be wrong ... which I doubt.

Pure ups and downs for this girl. Although, I can say I am looking forward to that "Liz and Dick" movie that is to come out this November. Considering that Elizabeth Taylor had a pretty interesting life, something tells me that Lindsay will do the part just right.

Check out the trailer. It definitely looks promising! What do you guys think?

Now recently this ordeal with her mother, arguing over money. Her father not technically making things any better outing her that she needs to go back to rehab (in which I won't argue with the guy). Lindsay calling the cops once again to have her father and a 'team' he had gathered removed from her property. I honestly do hope she gets her life straighted out.

It would be good for her to get back to work and getting some amazing new roles (don't think she can go back and get her sweet innocent image back, but at least decent roles!)