If you are a listener of the KLAQ MoSho then you’ve heard us make mention of the “Lisa Sanchez Drinking Game”. Many people have asked us for the official rules but, truth be told, up until now we’ve never actually codified the game. That all changes today.


(Drink Responsibly)

1.) Any time Lisa makes reference to the fact that she is "from Cali"...take a shot.

  • This includes anytime she volunteers the best route from Palm Desert to West Covina without being asked.
  • Any mention of places that only exist in SoCal (California Pizza Kitchen,In and Out, Trader Joe’s, Roscoes Chicken and Waffles , etc.

2.) Any time Lisa drops the names of a rock star casually into conversation, drink 2 shots.

  • Example: "Erick keeps texting me about what he should say to his girlfriend...oh, Erick? He's my friend that's the bass player in Portugal the Man. They’re a band you probably haven’t hear of.”
  • If she drops a name while simultaneously referencing California that is known as a double-drop. Do a shot of Malibu with a half bottle of Ernest and Julio Gallo pinot grigio chaser.
  • If she mentions that one of her favorite bands wants to party with her but she's not sure she can because she's already busy, drink. Example: “Ugh…The guys from Burning of Rome want me to meet them at the Camino for drinks but I’m already going to be drinking Jaeger bombs with Bring Me the Horizon at Tricky Falls.”

3.) If Lisa mentions or alludes to her affluent upbringing, get out your fanciest, most expensive box of wine and drink from it until you choak on your own bile. As if you haven't already.

  • Examples: Explaining how much nicer Palm Desert is than Indio.
  • Mention of her family’s cabin in Big Bear.
  • Or the beach house in Huntington.
  • How she used to do all her back to school shopping on El Paseo.
  • How Carol Channing lived on the same block.

4.) If Lisa mispronounces a Hispanic surname do a shot of 1800.

  • If the name is “Sanchez”, finish the bottle.