Apparently, you just get a ticket for this now.......

According to the El Paso Times, a Coach with the El Paso Independent School District has been accused of "Offensive Contact" with a 13 year old female student. (Grabbing and slapping her buttocks and spreading her legs in front of others in the class.)   Know what's being done about it? 

He got a ticket.

Seriously, a ticket issued by district police. (Were the real cops even notified about this??) The coach is also still employed by the district, at that school.   

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty mind you ... and the EPISD says an investigation is underway ... but come on!?!?  The fact that the citation was issued at all indicates there is evidence of something happening. 

A couple of questions for you guys about this ...

Until a final determination is reached on this; do you feel the coach should continue to be in (or even near) a classroom?

Is the EPISD handling this correctly by taking no other action (suspension, temporary reassignment) other than the ticket? 

Or is this yet another example of how screwed up our school system is?

What do you think?