So Obama has produced his birth certificate. Now, tea-partiershave only one question that remains to be answered: Photo-shop or Adobe Illustrator? Seriously some people aren't going to believe Obama was born in Hawaii no matter what "evidence" he's willing to show. You could have a poloroid picture, with the date stamp on it, showing Don Ho performing the delivery of 9 lb. 2 ounce Barack while wahines in grass skirts dance the hula and Jack Lord is holding a damp cloth against Obama's Mama's forehead. Sorry, not good enough. It could have been Photoshopped. Hey, there's a good assignment for you geeks learned in the ways of photoshopping. Best Photo-shopped picture of the scene I've  just described, will receive hearty kudos on the morning show. Extra points if you can include Greg Brady holding his Tiki idol while turning a pig on a roasting spit for the luau  later with Thomas Magnum.