This video seemed corny at first, until I caught myself singing the song through the hallways of the office today.


The National Rifle Association has made a new gun safety video that has been specifically targeted towards first graders. Now children can "Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle" in Missouri, where they have passed a new law that allows them to show the video.

Some people are outraged by this video but I don't really see the issue. The video is teaching young children the dangers of guns and what they should do when they find one. When I was in the second grade, I found my brother's gun in a trunk in his room. I saw the gun and ran to my mom. Was that wimpy? Absolutely I've never been the type to want to even touch a gun. But it was the safest thing for me to do when I was only seven years old.

I think this video and more like it should be shown to as many kids as possible. If it helps save a children from playing with a gun and accidentally shooting someone then it has done enough to be justified in being shown. Check out the video below and see for yourself. Too much from the NRA? Is it just the thing our society needs? Does it even matter?